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Grace Jacket

Grace Jacket

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Custom Image

a strong black and white contrast on a black denim jacket

Striking contrast

The backside is adorned with a sewn on panel that depicts the image of a thinking lady that was inspired by a painting by Kim Vermeulen.
The red lips are the only thing breaking the stark monochromatic palette.
The jacket is also equipped with a white hood to accentuate the black and white aesthetic.

Easy Wear

The Jacket has quite breathable fabric and the relaxed fit makes it easy to layer on top of anything. The black and white colours are easy to combine and easily match with most outfits

Rough Finish

The textured finish of the panel and hood adds a rugged charm to the jacket, enhancing its edgy appeal.

Size Guide

Country of Origin

Partly made in Poland, Latvia and the Netherlands


99% Cotton, 1% Spandex

Washing Instructions

machine washable at 40° C
Spin at low speed

Wash inside out for optimal color retention

Do NOT bleach
Spot-cleaning or rubbing wet prints is not recommended

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