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Vista Oversized Shirt

Vista Oversized Shirt

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Introducing the Vista Oversized Buttonup Shirt: A Fusion of Style and Comfort

Splashy Design

The Vista shirt's design is a true visual spectacle. Giant paint splatters in black, white, and red adorn the mesmerizing vista blue background, creating a captivating statement piece. The splatters appear as if they were artistically thrown onto the fabric, adding an element of creativity and spontaneity to your outfit.

Versatile Style

Whether you prefer a standalone look or a layered ensemble, the Vista Oversized Buttonup Shirt delivers versatile style options. This shirt effortlessly adapts to your fashion preferences.

Unique Production number

To add to its exclusivity, every shirt is adorned with a unique production number placed on the inside. This detail ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Soft Comfort

Made from 100% cotton and featuring a soft knit (jersey) fabric, the Vista shirt offers a very soft feel for unmatched comfort throughout the day.

Long-lasting Vibrancy

Don't worry about the colors fading after washing—the Vista shirt is designed to maintain its vibrancy. Enjoy the striking colors of the giant paint splatters, as they stay vibrant even after multiple washes. This ensures that your Vista shirt retains its captivating appeal for a long time.

This unique garment brings together a handmade touch from the Netherlands, a soft knit fabric, and a mesmerizing design featuring giant paint splatters.

Size Guide

The fit is oversized. If you pick your regular size it will most likely fit.

If you wish for your shirt not to be TOO oversized, we recommend you buy one size down.

Country of Origin

Made in the Netherlands


100% Cotton

Washing Instructions

This shirt is machine washable at 40 ℃
(recommended washing inside out for colour retention)

do NOT bleach
Ironing at low temperature

Pre-Order info

Items that are produced locally in the Netherlands are available for Pre-Order when not currently in stock.

Some of our articles aren't always in stock for every single size of any given piece of clothing, but have no worries, you can still place an order and we will begin the production process right away.

The timeline may vary based on fabric stock and availability but all Pre-Orders should be ready to ship within the same month of being ordered. 


Shipping is free!

Shipment is usually carried out by local couriers and may take a few days depending on the destination.

In case the article is not what you were hoping for there is a 7-day return policy.
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