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Aphrodite Hoodie

Aphrodite Hoodie

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The classic era in a modern style

Ancient Greek Design

The front of the hoodie shows the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite surrounded by the three Greek words for different kinds of love – Eros, Philia, and Agape. (romantic, brotherly and universal love)
The back is adorned by a sewn-on panel featuring ancient Greek imagery, like the Seikilos Epitaph.

Oversized fit and rough finish

Our hoodie is designed for comfort and style. It features a long, oversized fit that exudes a contemporary urban vibe. The intentionally rough finish on the armholes adds a touch of edginess to the design, giving it that perfect, laid-back streetwear feel.

Made in Holland

The Aphrodite hoodie is locally sewn in the Netherlands.
For a unique touch, we've included a giant production number on the right side of the hood. It serves as a distinctive element that sets your hoodie apart.

Size Guide

The hoodies have a wide oversized fit.
Just pick your standard size and it will fit just fine.

Country of Origin

made in the Netherlands


90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

Washing Instructions

machine washable at 40° C
Spin at low speed

Wash inside out for optimal color retention

Do NOT bleach
Spot-cleaning or rubbing wet prints is not recommended

Shipping & Returns

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Shipment is usually carried out by local couriers and may take up to one or two weeks depending on the destination.

In case the article is not what you were hoping for there is a 7-day return policy.
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