Lollipop Jacket
Lollipop Jacket
Lollipop Jacket
Lollipop Jacket
Lollipop Jacket

Lollipop Jacket

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A wild jacket with funky colors and a retro'ish style

The colorful palette and the use of a lot of pink make for a fun looking jacket that can be worn on top of pretty much anything.

Inspired by art

The jackets design is based on artwork by Kim Vermeulen.
The intensely colored face and the extravagant front create an almost 80s-like old school style.
The original artwork was made using a mix of paint and torn up paper clippings


This jacket has a relaxed fit, feels nice and soft, and the fleece inside makes it feel warm even with its light weight
This jacket can easily be worn over a T-shirt or sweater

Easy maintenance

The fabric consists of 100% polyester, making for a lasting crisp and colourful print that doesn't fade when washed
The fleece inside feels like cotton.
(washing instructions in jacket)

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The lollipop jacket comes with free shipping.
Shipping may take 1 or 2 weeks depending on the destination.


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